FlexoMatrix© - For The Industrial Label Production

"FlexoMatrix© is much more than just a mounter! The controlled plate mounting technique, smart automation and workflow concept increase the efficiency of your print workflow significantly. With FlexoMatrix© you win in Prepress & Press!"

Overall Strategy

FlexoMatrix© offers the most comprehensive technology platform for automated cliché assembly for label printing. Its special features are:

  • the operator-independent overall precision
  • controled plate mounting
  • the flexible use for all common cylinder and sleeve types
  • the integral workflow concept

Become part of the worldwide FlexoMatrix© community and benefit from automation, precision & smart workflow technology. We are happy to be your partner for more success in flexo-printing.

Automation 4.0

FlexoMatrix© - Technology Platform For The Flexodruck 4.0

The increasing number of short runs causes more plate mounts in prepress and significantly more set-up time at the press. To increase profitability, makeready times and waste have to be reduced and print jobs have to be organized more comprehensively.


FlexoMatrix© supports job changes through automated plate mounting in preregister quality and the continuous job management. We deliver data & registers from PrePress and Press and significantly increase productivity in your pressroom - every time with every job change!

Your profit
Operator-independent register precision for all printing forms

  • fastest register preset at the press
  • less waste of material
  • improved print quality (4C + special color)
  • accelerated job change
  • measurably more productive time of the printing press
  • more process transparency for prepress & press
  • more profit with every job change

Industrial Standard

FlexoMatrix© - Much More Than a Standard Platemounter

FlexoMatrix© is much more than a standard plate mounter. FlexoMatrix© is the technology platform for advancing into industrial label production.  All quality-defining work steps are automated.  The extremely high precision is operator-independent.

FlexoMatrix© is the only plate mounter with controlled plate positioning. Each printing plate is actively guided to into register while mounted. The normal runout fluctuations of sleeves/cylinders are recognized and compensated. And if individual printing forms are sometimes not perfect, FlexoMatrix© indicates problematic deviations.


For us, FlexoMatrix© customers are project partners and not just users of a plate mounter. Together with you we establish the smart FlexoMatrix© workflow. In addition, FlexoMatrix© ensures that only authorized printing forms are installed. Every mount is logged. Upon request, FlexoMatrix© can supply important production data to your job management.


FlexoMatrix©-Workflow - Platform For The Industrial Label Production

Our FlexoMatrix©-workflow uses the existing data infrastructure. With the connection to your jo management (e.g. ESKO, Theurer, Excel, ...) job-relevant data (e.g. job number, format, planned printing press, printing direction, ...) are transferred directly to FlexoMatrix©. Manual data entry is omitted and remains only an option for special cases.


Plate Identification

FlexoMatrix© identifies your printing forms. In this way we ensure that the dangerous mixing of plates from different jobs is excluded. Plate mounting in the correct running direction is also ensured. In addition, every assembly process is logged. Jobs can be traced. This increases the security of your products and fulfills important production standards for new customers and markets.


Job Management
FlexoMatrix© enables you to industrialize production processes. With FlexoMatrix© you can be sure that short runs are produced economically. With FlexoMatrix© you work more carefree and more successfully.