"We also offer a variety of flexible retrofits for the 4th generation of our FlexoMatrix© series. Together with you, we configure the optimal overall system. And should your needs change tomorrow, we can adapt FlexoMatrix© flexibly to the new challenges."

Dr. Lars Lehner

Cylinder - Adapter Technique

No matter which cylinder / sleeve or printing machine type you use: You will receive the appropriate adapter equipment from us.  With our adapters you can switch between different cylinder types within seconds (!) and start the next assembly process.

Register & Connectivity

Regardless of which software you use to manage your jobs, together we will find the solution for linking Prepress & FlexoMatrix©.  Everything is based on your software equipment and data infrastructure. You will see: Together we achieve important automation, process transparency and efficiency step by step in your new FlexoMatrix© print workflow.

Archive Printing Plates

The controlled plate mounting is a unique FlexoMatrix© function. In combination with smart plate identification, print workflows are faster, more efficient and more successful. Since archive plates show printing crosses (...), we offer the necessary hardware and software to mount archive plates in a Passer-optimized manner, too.

Extended Plate Management

With the start of the FlexoMatrix© workflow you gain the basis for the new management of your plate archive.  With our unique plate identification, you can trace which plate has been used for which job and the condition of the print form. We thus supply the technology platform for industrial flexo printing.

Integrated Job-Scanner

With FlexoMatrix© you have the option of transferring all job-relevant data directly from the job management to the mounter. You already use a code system for the job management? Perfect, then we adapt FlexoMatrix© to your exisiting infrastructure.

Polymount & Tape

You run different kind and sizes of tape? You also mount on Polymount cylinders? FlexoMatrix© carries out the necessary pre-settings independently. This enables you to achieve constant precision for all kind of tapes and Polymount cylinders.

Sleeve Mounting With Air-Shaft & Docking-Station

We offer various docking-stations with adapter air-shafts for user-friendly, fast plate mounting on sleeves. With our equipment, sleeves are pre-assembled in a few seconds for the mounting in FlexoMatrix©. This is the only way to use the full concentricity of your sleeves and the full register potential of your printing press.

Process Analysis

All FlexoMatrix© systems are equipped with software for the remote access for our quick-support. In connection with this we offer a process analysis. With this evaluation you can find out e.g. the number of mounts per printing line, the precision of the processes and - if requested - receive information about the radial run-out of cylinders / sleeves. With FlexoMatrix© you leave the black box of register quality in your print workflow and start using the total potential of your prepress & press equipment.

Retrofits For FlexoMatrix©

FlexoMatrix© convinces with performance and reliability. 24/7 continuous use over many years is the standard. Our mounters are an integral part of industrial production - worldwide. And are accompanying our customers in long partnerships for years and offer many additional functions as retrofits.  As a customer, you always stay up-to-date and successful.