Your FlexoMatrix© - Our Collaborative Project

For us, every FlexoMatrix© customer is an important project partner. We advise you with our process analysis for Prepress & Press and, if requested, help you to set up an automated plate archive. We take the path of optimization step by step.  Both - Kunde & LEHNER - benefit from the long-term cooperation. We are also happy to be your partner.

The Implementation Of Your FlexoMatrix© Project

Step 1: Analysis of status quo
Step 2: Workflow planning
Step 3: Offer
Step 4: Testing
Step 5: Commissioning & training
Step 6: Accompaniment & analysis
Step 7: If necessary expansion of automation

Remote Commissioning & Training - not only in COVID Times

For FlexoMatrix© we offer remote commissioning and training. Based on extended help functions, video chats and short explanatory videos, we are able to put FlexoMatrix © into operation at your site. You will receive all the tools and support you need from us.